Gymkhana Show Results

2017 End of Year IHA Gymkhana Results:


Half Pint/Leadline:

Grand Champion: Amelia Gould on Diamond- 37 Points

Reserve Champion: Giovanni Rendeiro on JR- 11 Points


Junior Open:

Grand Champion: Kaitlyn DiFrancesca on Santana- 47 Points

Reserve Champion: Madison Burling on Kentucky- 35 Points


Adult Open:

Grand Champion: Lance Malone on Rusty- 110 Points

Reserve Champion: Lisa Roselli on Thunder- 65 Points

3rd Place: Dianne Boothe on Baxter- 49 Points

4th Place: Michelle Manfrede on Clipper- 46 Points

5th Place: Joe Trezza on Itoldyousojoe- 42 Points

6th Place: Maren Milton on Lil’ Man- 14 Points


Junior Novice:

Grand Champion: Cheyenne Dillon on Johnny- 26 Points


Adult Novice:

Grand Champion: Kayla O’leary on Jet- 70 Points

Reserve Champion: Haley Sorensen on Butters- 39 Points (won more first places)

3rd Place: Dani Haveron on Bullet- 39 Points

4th Place: Bobbi Jo Staufigger on Diamond in the Rough- 20 Points


Junior Beginner:

Grand Champion: Kayla Brown on Biddy- 100 Points

Reserve Champion: Joely Donato on May- 56 Points

3rd Place: Giuliana Cervini on Jewel- 54 Points

4th Place: Mikayla Ryder on Wild Heart- 52 Points

5th Place: Nicolina DiFilippo on Forrest- 33 Points

6th Place: Joanna Verdi on Lil’ Man- 13 Points


Adult Beginner-

Grand Champion: Angela Cervini on Blue- 75 Points

Reserve Champion- Dee Prunty on Aloha- 70 Points

3rd Place- Kaitlyn Ryder on Diesel- 67 Points

4th Place- Anna Montauredes on Shae- 25 Points

5th Place- Baraa Ramadhan on Olaf- 13 Points

6th Place- Laurie Chionchio on Princeton John- 12 Points


Overall Grand Champion- Lance Malone on Rusty- 110 Points

Overall Reserve Champion- Kayla Brown on Biddy- 100 Points



Fastest Time Awards:

Barrels: Joe Trezza on Itoldyousojoe- 17.757

Dash: Joe Trezza on Itoldyousojoe- 8.467

Speed Barrels- Lance Malone on Rusty- 8.649

Flags- Kayla O’Leary on Jet- 11.106

Poles- Lance Malone on Rusty- 25.697

Figure Eight- Kayla O’Leary on Jet- 19.843

Keyhole- Lance Malone on Rusty- 5.219


Congratulations to all of the 2017 winners!!


*If your name or your horses name is misspelled please message us right away. This is how it will print in the dinner dance booklet.*


We have no riders moving up divisions for the 2018 season.


Hope to see you all at the IHA Dinner Dance on December 1st!