What is Dressage?


The word dressage sounds like massage—and comes from the French word dresser, to train. It’s an Olympic equestrian sport, yet a basic training discipline for any horse.   
Dressage principles are a logical, step-by-step progression from simple to increasingly complex movements. More and more is asked of the horse as it becomes mentally and physically ready to respond to these demands.   
The graceful movements performed in competition may look effortless but are the result of years of training. The rider’s aids (weight, leg, and hand cues) should be imperceptible. A squeeze of the calf, a closing of the fingers, a shifting of the rider’s weight in the saddle should be all that is necessary to tell the horse what to do.   
Dressage requires the horse and rider to combine the strength and agility of gymnastics with the elegance and beauty of ballet. The result is truly the best blend of sport and art.  
Like any sport, watching dressage is more interesting the more you know about it.  
USDF Spectator’s Guide to Dressage 

Upcomming Events

Welcome to IHA Dressage 2018 Schooling Show Season everyone !  

Our Schooling Show will once again be held at the beautiful Skye Acres the address is:

Skye Acres  

361 Barton Ave  

Patchogue NY 11772  

Farm - (631) 289-9737

***Reminder : Everyone must pick up manure out by the trailers before leaving. This is asked by Skye Acres,  

so please honor the request so we can continue to have such a wonderful show site***  

Our Judges and Schooling Show Dates are:  


June 10, 2018 

Jerilyn Nieder (r)                                                         Opening Date :May 21,2018  

                          (NH)                                                       Closing Date: June 5, 2018 


July 8, 2018 

Mrs Margaret Boyce - Dressage (R) , Western Dressage (r)                                                                                                           Opening Date;June 21,2018  

                     (NJ)                                                                 Closing Date: July 3,2018  

August 12, 2018 

Miss Danielle Tascano - Dressage (r),Western  Dressage (R)                                                                                                     Opening Date: July 26,2018                      (PA)                                                                Closing Date: August 7, 2018   

Greetings Everyone

I do hope everyone came through our  four Nor Easters alright . I can say I  now have alot less trees and  more trotting pole for my boys !

First, I would like everyone to know we have a wonderful dressage team going to April 28th 2018 Fundraiser .
Doreen Rose & Talywern Fair Rose is going to be doing a wonderful demonstration of Dressage .
For those who have not seen this horse and rider they are a wonderful sight to watch in action !
This Fundraiser is to improve the rings at the Bohemia Equestrian Center for all equestrians.
This event is for all ages and all disciplinarian . There will be something for every one so spread the word and stop on by .

We  have been hard at work getting Sponsors for this year's Schooling Show  season. An we got alot very good ones ,with more coming !
So be ready for good prizes and raffles !
Here is just a peek of our Sponsors for this year :
Shirley Hay and Feed    
Nutrena Feed
BioRider Fitness
Horse Tech
Mane N Tail
Cowboy Magic
Valley Vet
US Rider
Hobby Horse Clothing Company
Sore No-More by Arenus
Eqyss Grooming Products
These are just a few there will be more !

We still have need for Volunteers to help at the Shows.
We have food and fun ! An you do not have be a horsey person to help out at some of our jobs.
If you are interested just contact me( Dina Wolyniec) at:
ihadressage1@gmail.com or call (631) 924-6968

Happy 20 Meter Circles till next month


Show Information

2018 IHA Dressage Rules, Regulations and General Information


We will accept the first 70 rides ( those with correct entries and monies paid in full).

Any  correct entries which are received after the first 70 rides will be  placed on a waiting list in the order they were received.


- To those who have Won Championships last year please check to see if you have to move up this year.

If you are not sure check with your Trainer/Instructor.

- All our shows are LIDA recognized.

- Helmets are required at all our shows . Age and Saddle dos not matter !

- If you have not sent in your email address please contact me with it so I can put you on our Blast List.

My email is ihadressage1@gmail.com

-Once our Prize List is out ( they are being worked on ) Please , read them there have been some changes.

Know your Rules and you Test's . Please , check and recheck we never like to telling people there is a problem because of this.

Make sure you test is correct and up to date by checking the USE/USDF sites on the web. And by asking your Trainer/Instructor.

If you need Show information you can contact me at the following:

Dina Wolyniec

Phone (631) 924-6968

Email - ihadressage1@gmail.com

Facebook - Islip Horsemen's Association Dressage - IHAD        

We still need Volunteers to help us out our shows.

As you have heard from us these show always need helpers . We have jobs big and small .

We can use help for the following:

Scores - the help add the scores threw the whole show

Scribes - they take the notes an commentary from the  Judges as the Judge watches the riders during there test.

Gatekeeper  - they help keep the riders get onto Deck, Warm up and Ring on time. An  Answer the question who s next up at the gate.

Runners- they do just that run items back and forth

Parking - telling people where to park there trailers . So we have room for everyone at the show.

Set  Up and Take Down - Set up is putting everthing  up and taking down  after the show , tent's basicly any thing we use at the show. 

Once again I would like to Thank Everyone who Volunteered last year...we have fun while we work !

Happy 20 Meter Circle

Dina Wolyniec

Show Results

Files coming soon.


Prize Book

2018 Dressage Prize Book (pdf)