What is Dressage?


The word dressage sounds like massage—and comes from the French word dresser, to train. It’s an Olympic equestrian sport, yet a basic training discipline for any horse.   
Dressage principles are a logical, step-by-step progression from simple to increasingly complex movements. More and more is asked of the horse as it becomes mentally and physically ready to respond to these demands.   
The graceful movements performed in competition may look effortless but are the result of years of training. The rider’s aids (weight, leg, and hand cues) should be imperceptible. A squeeze of the calf, a closing of the fingers, a shifting of the rider’s weight in the saddle should be all that is necessary to tell the horse what to do.   
Dressage requires the horse and rider to combine the strength and agility of gymnastics with the elegance and beauty of ballet. The result is truly the best blend of sport and art.  
Like any sport, watching dressage is more interesting the more you know about it.  
USDF Spectator’s Guide to Dressage 


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2019 IHA Dressage Rules, Regulations and General Information


We will accept the first 70 rides ( those with correct entries and monies paid in full).

Any  correct entries which are received after the first 70 rides will be  placed on a waiting list in the order they were received.


- All our shows are LIDA recognized.

- Helmets are required at all our shows . Age and Saddle does not matter !

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IHAD Email-ihadressage@yahoo.com

Know your Rules and your Test's . Please , check and recheck we never like to telling people there is a problem because of this.

Make sure you test is correct and up to date by checking the USE/USDF sites on the web. And by asking your Trainer/Instructor.



Goodmorning Everyone,  I have started to get questions so I though  it may be a good idea to put a few of them on line to help you in case  you had the same questions. 

Q - Is LIDA and IHAD the same club?
 A - No ,we are two separate Clubs . If you are showing for Year End  Award's you must join the Club you who's award you wish to win. If you  want awards from both Clubs you must join both. Please, read both Clubs  Prize List carefully as each has its own rules for Year End Awards . 

Q - Where can I find Membership Application?
 A -  https://isliphorsemensassociation.com/membership 


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